Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When Can One Tell There Is Chemistry??

I am cancelling my account because I haven't got one single date from that site, but humiliation and frustration.

I have no idea how the site matches people up. All the guys that the site matched me up with did one of the following:

1) They made me aware of their existence through "Closed Match" messages that say either one of these to explain why they closed the match (me) that eharmony sent them, "I don't feel the chemistry there." or "Other".... Whenever I log into my account, I will see a list of messages that say, "Closed Match". I don't even know these guys exist until I see them closing their match with me. I don't even know I was matched with these guys by eharmony until I see their closed match messages. My first question is, isn't eharmony supposed to match me with people who will find me compatible based on the trouble I went through to answer their long list of personality questions?? My second question is why did all these guys reject me when they didn't even give me a chance to say , "hello, how're you???" How did these guys know there was no chemistry??? For me, I always communicate with the guy first before I can tell whether there is chemistry or not. I won't say chemistry, cause it's a word for loser. I am more looking for the person's personality, if he is kind and if he is smart and hardworking and someone who got strong family values, then that's my man. I have no idea what "chemistry" really means. Do these guys who rejected me without me being aware of their existence want to feel a volcano explosion before I even said "Hello" to them?? These dudes are so stupid and definitely not smart enough to know how to pursue happiness in life, and forget about being successful. I like men who will go after every opportunity that is sent towards their way. What do these guys do? Sit there in front of their computer all day long and just click the "close match" button until eharmony matches them up with Ivana Trump?

2) Very rarely (almost as rare as I find rain here in Los Angeles) ,I would have a guy who initiated communication with me by sending me the 1st round of questions (which are bad questions and in my opinion, poorly written that tells nothing about one's soul mate). After the first round of multiple-choice quesions like "Is Chemistry important to you?" "Where do you want to be in 5 years? A house in a suburb, an apartment in a big city, or a beach house..." yada yada.... Surprisingly, every guy (well even there are only a couple in a year or so), who initiated communication with me through eharmony asked me the exact same type of first round questions... which I always answer the same, "I believe chemistry can be cultivated over time..." "I will be where my future husband and family will be" (cause I really don't give a damn whether it's going to be a suburb, an apartment in NYC or a little hut in Santa long as it's not some Homeless Center in Los Angeles) But normally after me shooting back my answers to their 1st round of questions, I would receive "closed match" messages from these guys.

So, I really think your so-called matching algorithm is totally defective. Please stop matching me up with losers and I will highly appreicate if you can refund me my membership fees for the last couple years!!!

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