Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Can See Rupert Murdoch's Vote On This Best Dressed List...

I can't believe Old Rupie's hideous communist wife got on the Vanity Fair 2010 Best Dressed List. It just proves that in America, anything from the senate seat to the spot of the best dressed evil queen list can be bought... Wendi Murdoch always has bad tastes in clothes. This is one of her many disasters. She looks like she is dressed to go hunt down snow white and kill her.... That Nija style gloves must be some kind of a joke. Her hair style is just as weird...

Blue Berry Walnut Oatmeals For One

Feeding myself has been one of the challenges I am constantly facing in America. Yes, I am Chinese, but I never cooked. My mom always banned me from the kitchen. I never had to boil an egg...When mom wasn't cooking, I just went grab whatever from the so many choices of breakfasts that were served in any corner in Hong Kong. Waking up and fixing breakfast for myself is really a punishment to me being an alien in America... Nobody did that in Hong Kong... not even my mom or grandma made breakfast.... They just went out and bought the delicious breakfasts from wherever steps away from our condo... They were cheap, delish and convenient.

But in the USA, I see how most Americans have to fix their own breakfasts and make their own coffees in the morning. Many resort to eating cold cereals out of the bowls, others just drink the store bought slim-fast kind of protein drinks. Either practice is not appetizing to me. I miss hot, freshly made breakfasts in Hong Kong. I never repeated my breakfast in the same week when I was living back home. I just don't understand how can the Americans eat the same cold cereals everyday and not peuk.... Yet going out to a restaurant to have the freshly made hot breakfast is expensive, way too expensive. How can they told me America was so great when having delicious, hot, fresh, high quality breakfast is so not accessible to the ordinary folks?

Anyway, being here means I have to follow the customs, so I too started to fix my own breakfasts (even only occasionally, most of the time I went broke and spent most of my paycheck on eating out...) Under the influence of the American culture of "instant mixes", I too resort to boxes of instant mixes.... I love this oatmeal a lot even though I still can't eat it everyday. I need variation every morning....


  • 1 package of Quaker Instant High Fiber Oatmeal in Apple Cinnamon Flavor
  • a bunch of fresh blue berries (not frozen, I totally hate frozen blue berries)
  • a bunch of toasted walnuts ( no, I am not going to toast them, I will only buy them toasted)
  1. Microwave the oatmeal according to the package instruction.
  2. Add how ever much blue berries and toasted walnuts you want.