Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marry Mixer

Just came back from a mixer tonight hosted by an investment bank. I got invited by a beautiful financial advisor who works for that bank. She is so beautiful and charming and sweet that I just couldn't refuse the invite. I'm not much of an extrovert but what professional can resist the chance of hooking up with other professionals who serve wealthy clients and private companies which got big bucks to spend on professional services.....

When I stepped into the bank's office, I realized I was one of a handful females there and the rest of them were all well-dressed, good looking men with sparkling, perfectly aligned white teeth. Is it a single woman's dream to be surrounded by a big crowd of handsome, well-to-do, successful professionals and business owners? It really got me excited at the beginning. However, after shaking hands and talking to all of them, I found out they were all married. Many of them were very eager to show me their kids' pictures from their proud wallets.

I had a good time talking to these men about business, the economy, Obama's initiatives until they started talking about their children. When did men pick up the habits of engaging in long conversations about their kids' most trivial routines? I was the one who felt bored to have to listen to their kids' most mundane weekend activities. When they started asking me how many kids I had, I actually felt very embarrassed to have to say I had nada. I couldn't help but wonder if I were in a different planet, cause the men who I know from my planet certainly don't have conversation like this.

I looked at these men tonight and I realized these are the kind of men I would like to be married to, successful, wealthy, children loving, and family oriented... Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to meet them when they were single... Just where the hell did they hang before they got married? These men seem to have it all, a family, a successful career, good health. All the single men I have been meeting up with so far are not remotely as successful or happy as these guys I met tonight.

Do men become successful and fulfilled because they are married or married men are actually smarter than single men to begin with in terms of picking their mates and picking their investments? All the married men I met so far, including my father and my brother, all have a much better life and much better finances than their single peers who ironically don't have to support anybody but themselves. So how can any man say marriage has no benefit but only troubles that all smart men should be afraid of and should avoid? After tonight I have a different perspective about men... I know I will avoid any man who talks bad about marriage because if a man is capable and smart, he knows who he should fall in love with and he can identify the great woman to marry....and he will see the benefits of marriage that other less intelligent men don't see. As a result, no smart man will talk negative about marriage cause they know they are too capable and smart to get into a marriage that brings no benefit to them. To the smart and successful men, marriages are everything good and they look forward to getting married. I know so cause my father, my uncles, and brothers told me so. So ladies, avoid any man who has a negative perspective or fear about marriage, run if you meet them. Don't even listen to them why they are fearful or why they are negative about it (they will tell your they grew up seeing their parents miserable, or their parents were divorced or their friends).... Don't listen, cause a smart and successful man knows he can do much better than the losers and whatever troubles others have in their lives really have no relationship to their own future prospect... simple as that.