Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When Did Sex Without Love Become a Glamourous Thing?

I'm now stucked at the airport waiting to board my flight back to Los Angeles. Out of boredom, I bought the Glamour Magazine from the airport bookstore. (I actually went to the bookstore cause I spotted a really handsome guy wearing a really nice suit, looking real smart, browsing the rack of business section..... however, when I got a close look at his hand, I saw that "ring"....so instead of making my trip completely futile, I bought a magazine, trying to catch up with the latest spring fashion and silly gossips in America...). I just flipped through the magazine and found a piece of advice on "10 Things To Know Before You Sleep With Him" as follow:

1. How many scotches he had before the two scotches you had together.
2. That he doesn’t have the Me ♥ Boobs app.
3. If you like him. Nope? Get out of there!
4. Your birth control and condom plan. So now you can stop worrying about all that.
5. The color of his eyes. (Cheesy, we know… but come on, do you really want to be naked with someone if you’ve never looked in his eyes?)
6. Whether you’d rather be in bed watching GLEE.
7. That he couldn’t possibly be your long-lost cousin.
8. That all the recording devices are in the off position.
9. What your best friend would say if she knew what you were up to.
10. If He’s. Single.

Why is it that "knowing whether the guy is in love with me and knowing whether I'm in love with the guy" not one of the things I need to know before I sleep with a guy??? When does "Love" become irrelevant to a girl when deciding whether to sleep with a guy or not?? The above list is actually shorter than the checklist of my weekly cleaning chore for my apartment..... I just don't get it. Since when, enagaging in sex has become a less serious activity than engaging in the chore of house cleaning........ Only in America....