Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama's China Visit - TV Spoof

I don't watch TV cause I don't have a TV at home. I'm more a Netflix person and a magazineworm. But this TV clip I found on the internet really cracked me up and got me rolling on my carpet with tears. This is so devilishly funny and yet the facts are so true. I like the way they imitated the instant translation I often saw on the Chinese government diplomatic press conferences. Also, the way they spoof the Chinese culture of using lots of indirectness and the Chinese way of translating American slang, are just so funny!! ( Chinese like to use metaphors in conversations and ask "what does this mean ?" when they really want to add a note of criticism and reprimand.) My encounter with the American humors is one of the very amazing life experiences I have in this foreign country. I have to give Kudos to the creative folks at NBC who put together such an entertaining act to give me some laughs in my lonely single life. Love it.

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