Monday, December 28, 2009

Am Still Under Christmas Attack

I'm starting to recover from my sickening Christmas holidays. On December 24th 2009, my computer was infected with a rogue malicious software / virus called "Internet Security 2010" with a file "is2010.exe" sticking on the program file folder in my computer's C drive that I couldn't delete, I couldn't remove, and I couldn't clean up no matter what I did, or what anit-virus cleanup program I used. On the same night, I guess I ate some contaminated Chinese food from a Chinese restaurant, that I got a really bad case of food poisoning. I had chronic stomach and tummy pain that I felt like I was dying. After rolling on my bed in pain and in tears, several rounds of vomiting, and almost suffocation from my nausea, I finally pulled it through. Today, I'm feeling much better, no nausea, no more vomiting , although I still have stomach and tummy pain that are now tolerable.

Both my computer and I were seriously infected during this Christmas weekend. What a way to spend Christmas in the USA!

By the way, does anyone out there know how to remove this virus file "is2010.exe" from the computer? This computer virus is frustrating me a great deal, not even the Window Defender or Microsoft's Internet Security Essential was able to detect it as a malicious software/virus, and neither one can remove it. I try deleting the file manualling, but the computer just won't let me. It says , "can't delect file that is currently being run". God, please help me, I need a techie hubby, send him to me, please!!

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