Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is This What Billionaires Want For A Wife???

Just what's wrong with billionaire Rupert Murdoch? Long time ago when I was still living in Hong Kong, I saw him on the front page of the Chinese Newspaper "Apple Daily", smiling and posing with his new bride who was younger than his daughter. I was surprised cause I knew he was married for decades to his ex-wife Anna Murdoch and even had grandchildren...

My mom bought the newspaper at the newsstand outside the Chinese restaurant and started gossiping this during our dim sum gathering with my grandma and aunties.......My mother exclaimed, "Gwailos (Devil Men) just have bad taste in women. Why did this tycoon divorce his elegant and beautiful wife of 30 years to marry an employee of his? This woman looks like a peasant from Mainland China and she is not good looking. Chinese men have much better taste in choosing a mistress..."

Now, I'm living in the USA and I saw this video:

I just felt embarassed for Rupert Murdoch and Yale University... This woman, supposedly got her MBA from Yale, talks in the same manner and incoherence like an uneducated dim sum lady in a Chinese restaurant... Being a native Chinese myself, I feel embarrassed by her intellectual bearings.. If I only talk like her, I won't be able to keep my job here in America (after all, I don't have a husband who sponsors me a greencard...and the reason I'm here is because of my education and job skills...)

According to Mrs. Murdoch, the reason why it's important to educate women is because they can go see a doctor when they get pregnant...It just cracked me up when I heard that.... It would have sounded better if only she said, "it's important to educate women so they can be secretaries or personal assistants to rich men; and therefore have a chance to have an affair with them...."

I just don't know what Rupert Murdoch sees in this woman, there are so many more beautiful, intelligent and accomplished women in China and Hong Kong if only he wants a Chinese made wife.... But I personally think he should have stayed with his ex-wife Anna. I can't understand why he did such a trade-down.... Grandpa Rupie, your choice of wife is just too hilarious!!! I guess that explains why you made such a bad investment in My Space... Does this have anything to do with aging??? Now you got me nervous about my stock investment with News Corp.

At least that gives single women out there lots of hope. Sometimes we just don't need to have either beauty or brain to land a rich hubby!!! Okay, a much older rich hubby who is old enough to be our grandpa!! lol..... Since I have a career, a brain, my youth and my good look, I think I deserve Prince Williams :P

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  1. Murdoch's wife 's such an idiot....Can't she find better things to do other than reducing the world's child birth mortality? Doesn't she know the world is over populated already with over 6 trillion people? This planet has more than twice as many people now than before World War II (regardless of the death tolls at child births and the tens of millions of deaths as a result of wars and starvation during World War II).

    I can see the importance of reducing child birth mortality in poor countries if only mankind is going extinct like the Pandas. But humans are producing faster than any animals in this planet...

    What's the point of have more women who keep bringing innocent babies to a poor world to only suffer? If the women die at natural child birth, it's only that God is trying to intervene. Why are we so dedicated to bringing more babies to the third world so they can be starved, so more people will fight over food and water??? I guess rich trophy wives just need to have a lot of poor people suffering in this world so they can come out and show how charitable they are....

    Instead of donating money to help these poor women to have a safe child birth delivery. We should donate money to help these women obtain tubal ligation. This way, they won't bring more babies into their world only to suffer in mal-nutrition, starvation and god knows what other terribe things that happen in their improverished and war torn countries...